The SMART (Speedy MinGW Alternative Run Time) Library


An ANSI/ISO compliant open source alternative to proprietary C Runtime Libraries. Written and optimized specifically for the MinGW implementation of the GCC compiler.
While it strives for C99 compliance, the library will also include some Microsoft-specific functions and extensions and some POSIX functions, for convenience.
The library is licensed under the SMART license.
You are welcome to join the developer team if you're interested.

Quick links

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Project status


Currently, MinGW relies on the Microsoft implementation of the C runtime library, which is found in msvcrt.dll. The SMART library will:
- replace msvcrt
- allow static linking of the runtime library
- provide better standards compliance
- have better performance
- have all the benefits of an open-source project (such as custom compilation, debugging, quick fixing etc.)

The SMART team

John King [jwking]
Frederic Marchal [fmarchal]
Adrian Sandor [aditsu]
Eric Ross [drarem]

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